Moulded & Machine Parts

Moulded & Machine Parts

Available in PTFE compounds including Carbon, graphite and glass materials. The range and variation of components that come under the category of machined and moulded parts is far too extensive to list.

The list is ever increasing as new problems are solved or where the unique properties of fluorocarbons are found to give improved performance over conventional materials on existing designs.

Hydraulic & Pneumatic Seals

Polyurethane (Blue or Red) -30C / + 110C
A high quality hydrolysis resistant polyurethane elastomer, which is compatible for use in contact with food (FDA Approved). Suitable for sealing most common hydraulic fluids as well as biodegradable fluids.

Nitrile (Black) -30C / + 110C
A Nitrile rubber with a variety of uses in hydraulic and pneumatic applications such as rod, piston. Rotary, and other special seals. This grade is not resistant to glycol based brake fluids, aromatic fluids, esters, ketones or amines.

High Nitrile (Black) -20C / +130C
A Hydrogenated Nitrile rubber with good resistance to aliphatic hydrocarbons, mineral oil and greases. Not resistant to aromatic hydrocarbons, petrol/alcohol blends or ketones.

EPDM (Black) -40C / +110C
An ethylene-propylene rubber, which can be, used for rod and piston steel applications. It is very stable in hot water/steam duties and it is ozone/ageing resistant. Not resistant to mineral oil and hydrocarbons.

Viton (Brown) -20C / +180C
Excellent resistance to higher temperatures. Suitable for sealing crude oil, sour gas and many chemicals. Not recommended for ketones, amines, esters and hot water.

Silicone Rubber (White) -60C / +180C
A Silicone rubber with good resistance to hot air, weathering, ozone and ageing. The material has one of the best performances at low temperature. Mainly used for static applications.

Virgin PTFE (White) -200C / +240C
Pure Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) with very wide chemical resistance and low friction properties. Used in food and pharmaceutical applications with FDA approval.

Filled PTFE (Off White) -200C / + 240C
PTFE with special reinforcing fillers. Improved creep resistance but still with very wide chemical resistance. Typical applications include piston and rod seals, back up rings and guide rings.

Acetal (White) -50C / +100C
A thermoplastic material with very good mechanical properties and low water absorption. Good resistance to mineral oil, grease, HFA, HFB, and HFC fluids. Typical applications include anti-extrusion rings, guide ring liners and scraper rings.

Nylon (Black) -20C / +110C
A polyamide grade with low friction properties useful for sliding applications. Good resistance to mineral oil and grease. Typical applications include guide rings and scraper rings.

UHMWPE (White) -200C / +80C
Ultra high molecular weight polyethylene. Very high wear resistance, perfectly suited to high-pressure applications such as anti-extrusions rings and scraper rings. Suitable for food and pharmaceutical applications with FDA approval.

Other materials available on request