Gauges, Gaskets, Joints & Mouldings

Gauge Glasses

We have a wide range of gauge glass tubes, plate gauge glasses, reflex gauge glasses, gauge glass gaskets and gauge glass cones are available to meet customers requirements.

Spiral Wound Gaskets

We have a large range of Spiral wound gaskets are available to order.

Boiler Door Joints

We have an extensive range and variety of boiler door joints are available.

Ladder & Webbing Tape

We have available a wide range of Ladder and Webbing tapes, rope cord and tadpole shape sections in materials such as Glass Fibre etc.

Extrusions & Mouldings

We have available a wide range of extrusions.

Cork Gaskets & Joints

We have available Cork; Taken from the bark of trees can be bonded with rubber and naturals resins. Used for applications such as Anti Vibration Pads, Gaskets and Pin boards.