Tiger Tail Hose

Polyethylene hose with a crush resistant integral helix, Diameter ranges from 51 - 102mm, Standard Length is 15 Metres, Temperature Range -40 C to +60 C in a 20 C ambient.  Applications are: Ideal for liquid suction applications such as removal of waste from construction sites and sanitary equipment.

Silicone Straight Hose

Blue Straight hose Polyester Reinforced, 3 Plies of Polyester reinforced impregnated with blue silicone, Pressure Range: Burst Pressure range from 32 bar to 8 bar for bore size up to 76.2mm. It is normal practise to apply a safety factor of between 4:1 and 5:1 when designing new applications, Standard Length is 1 Metre, Temperature Range -60 C to +180C, Applications are: Designed to satisfy the pressure requirements of automotive engine coolant systems, External Finish: Smooth and easily cleaned also available in 90  elbows.

Plasticised PVC Hose

Features:Incorporating steel spiral reinforcement Inside and outside smooth, very flexible resistant to most atmospherical and ozone agents and most chemicals.    Temperature Range -10 C to +180C.

Water Delivery Hose

Temperature Range -15 C to +65C, Cold bend  -45C.  Applications are: Delivery and light suction of water, Slurry, Chemicals, some granules, sewage, and other waste matter. Particularly suitable for the horticultural and marine industries.

Chemical Resistance: Resistant to most oxidising and reducing agents and diluted acids and alkalis.