Flange Sealant

ESG Expanded PTFE flange Sealant

Made from 100% pure expanded PTFE this product can be used in virtually all types of sealing applications (except steam and exhaust uses). Replacing most of the traditional sheet gasketing materials.

Its lightweight and self adheshive backing makes applications easy, no waste and the elimination of large stocks of gaskets in different sizes in all sorts of materials makes this product a very cost-effective solution.

Temperature Range: - 100% C/ + 260C


5mm wide x 2mm thick x 25 metre length spool
7mm wide x 2.5mm thick x 15 metre length spool
10mm wide x 3mm thick x 10 metre length spool
17mm wide x 6mm thick x 5 metre length spool

Other sizes are being added to the range constantly. Please ask if you do not see what you require above.

Main characteristics of PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene):

  • High Temperature Resistance, from - 200C + 260C.
  • Inertness/HighChemical Resistance to nearly all known Chemicals.
  • Excellent insulation owing to its superb Electrical Properties and Dielectric Strengths.
  • Very low coefficient of friction promoting excellent wear resistance.
  • Anti-adhesive properties ensure non-stick surfaces.
  • Non-toxic, allowing PTFE to be used in contact with foodstuffs (with the exception of some filled grades).

The typical properties of PTFE i.e.Wear Resistance, Coefficient Expansion, Creep, Deformation Under Load and Thermal Conductivity can be enhanced by adding fillers typically Glass, Graphite, Carbon, Bronze and many others without impairing the unique Chemical, Frictional and Electrical values of the material.